Episode 2

Published on:

3rd Feb 2022

Love, Loss And Cookin' Up A Storm

Join me as I have a wonderful conversation with the vibrant and creative Chrissie LaHood. Chrissie shares stories of 'that moment' when big and small events changed the direction of her life and shaped who she is today.

She talks about her early beginnings raised in a family of 11 children, to working as a top marketing executive, discovering her sexuality amidst marriage and divorce, then experiencing a deeply personal tragedy that changed her life completely.

A move to a small alpine village in the heart of the Sth Island of New Zealand to set up a restaurant - Chrissie's love of people and food helped heal her broken heart. She inspires us with her openness, honesty and courageous personal transformation to living a life that's authentic and joyful.

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About the Podcast

That Moment
Stories of 'that moment' your life changed
Have you ever had a moment when your life changed in an instant? A big event or small quiet moment that was unexpected, random and unplanned?
Real people, real stories and the moments when their lives changed.

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Lee Kelly

I'm excited to host That Moment Podcast where I have conversations with everyday people and the big, small, random, unpredictable moments that changed their lives in some way.
I love and appreciate the stories we all have and as a Speech Coach I get to hear some amazing tales. Have a listen. Be enthralled, entertained, moved and inspired by the honest, sometimes raw and courageous stories shared by real people.