Episode 4

Published on:

4th Jun, 2023

Episode 3

Published on:

17th Mar, 2022

Episode 2

Published on:

3rd Feb, 2022

Episode 1

Published on:

19th Dec, 2021

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About the Podcast

That Moment
Stories of 'that moment' your life changed
Have you ever had a moment when your life changed in an instant? A big event or small quiet moment that was unexpected, random and unplanned?
Real people, real stories and the moments when their lives changed.

Theme music: 'Loved and Feared' composed and performed by Felipe Fa├║ndez.

About your host

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Lee Kelly

I'm excited to host That Moment Podcast where I have conversations with everyday people and the big, small, random, unpredictable moments that changed their lives in some way.
I love and appreciate the stories we all have and as a Speech Coach I get to hear some amazing tales. Have a listen. Be enthralled, entertained, moved and inspired by the honest, sometimes raw and courageous stories shared by real people.